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The data query system enables users to retrieve specific information or data from a database or data storage systems. this system allows users to ask questions or issue commands to the data source and in response, they retrieve the relevant data that matches their criteria.

Key aspects of our data query systems

Our data query systems can be used for the following applications;

Learning Institutions set up

Learning institutions are able to reduce the burden of their customer service agents by bringing all their data and or information access digitally for ease of access to authorized
personnel. The following are the areas through which our data query system is able to provide data to the end user who is a parent or a guardian;
a) Querying the school fees balance for any semester
b) Querying the students performance results via their ID numbers or via their mobile phone numbers if they have only one child in the school they are trying to query for information.
c) Parents are also able to query attendance of their child in a semester and make necessary reprimands to the student.
d) Graduation list can be accessed by the parents via our platform.


a) Customers can check the status of their orders and the stage their order is in the supply chain.
b) Supply chain managers use data queries to track shipments, monitor delivery routes, and optimize logistics for timely and cost-effective product distribution.
c) The police and the general public can use our systems to track a PSV attached to what sacco incase of an incident or an accident.

Results Portal Benefits

Fast and Secure

Our fast and secure interface ensures, your customers will be able to access all their information quickly and with ease. At just the touch of a button all their information will be available to them. We have taken all security measures needed to make sure your information is safe from cyber threats.

Simple & Easy

Our system allows you to easily update your customers information, avoiding the pifalls of false information or un updated ones. making sure that you stick to your core value of keeping your clients number one, ensuring you stay ahead of the pack.


Build your own organization's personalized USSD application and engage with your customers through feature phones and smartphones, for example *123*67#

Personalised Information

This portal enables your client to get their own personal information, getting rid of the need to always call or go to your office in person to get the information they need, setting you apart from your competitors.

Results Portal Pricing

Set Up FeeKES 5000
Shared USSDKES 5000

Get Started with just a few lines of code

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var message = { “message”: “message here”, “msisdn”: “+2547xxxxxxxx”, “sender_id”: “INTOUCHVAS”, “callback_url”: “”, }

Our Clients

Our Customers Feedback

Their customer support is incredible. We've seen a significant increase in customer engagement and sales since we started using their services. Highly recommended!
Leornard W.
Their team worked with us to develop a custom plan that suits our needs. The ability to reach our supporters and volunteers through SMS has significantly improved our outreach efforts.
Purity N.
The delivery rates are impressive, and the ability to schedule messages in advance has been a game-changer for us. Thanks, Intouch Vas Team, for making our SMS marketing a breeze!
Charles O.